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There is just something about viewing a good movie if you are feeling down. Who is to state that the movie has to be a “good” one. Maybe it’s bad, really bad. It is sometimes just what you will need to get your mindset right. When facing grief, if you spend too much time in your own head it is simple to end up falling into a vicious cycle. The vicious cycle could be replaying your pain, it could be negative thoughts and guilt on the death of your beloved. Coping with grief at any stage can be physically and emotionally draining. Sometimes it feels that it will never end or progress.

Sometimes your mind just needs a light relief from it all. When you don’t want to wallow in your current pain anymore but aren’t quite prepared to sit back and laugh at a corny comedy, it’s time to cuddle up with a nice down comforter as well as your Netflix controller. We have compiled a list of some great Netflix titles that will bring one to another place and into someone else’s story for a short while.

The Bucket List: Within this movie two very different men (played by Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman) end up as roommates in the hospital as they both deal with cancer diagnosis. Despite their differences they embrace as soon as and set off to fulfill their bucket set of everything they would like to do before they expire.

This movie has some heavy topics but explore them with an authentic humor. Queen of Katwe: This is a heartwarming movie that is dependant on a true story. The story comes after a young girl from Uganda who originates from meager origins and continues on to be always a chess champion. This movie reminds us that greatness will come in many forms and from unpredicted places as long as there is perseverance.

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Beauty and the Beast: This is actually the live-action version of the Disney movie by the same title. Belle is a Miller’s little girl who ends up being held captive in a castle inhabited by different people who’ve been bewitched and converted into home items such as Cogsworth the clock and Chip the young tea glass. The top of the home is the Beast who is under the spell also.

The only thing that can break the spell is love. This is a story of unconditional love despite appearances. Spanglish: Spanglish is one particular movies that are around for awhile and you have seen it already. This 2004 film is a romance, comedy, and episode all covered up in one. The story plot follows Flor a Mexican immigrant trying to make a better life on her behalf daughter Christina.