The Science Of Business Development

I originally had written this in 2008. So a little of an update. Of all functions within a company, Business Development seems to always be the one that is least understood. It is wished by me was that simple. The vision of Business Development was shaped from early Web 1.0 days, where it was about hanging and creating strategic alliances out. In the “days of the past,” business development was more about strategic alliances, that was a silly way to say, “let us find a genuine way to drive traffic to each other.” (Spot the word traffic. We were All About that Traffic, that Traffic … No Revenue.

Many companies owned a certain space and may demand many things for the access to their traffic or data. Business Development really was just sales with no quota. It was all about eyeballs and traffic, and there was little to no concentrate on creating bi-directional relationships. Business Development is about working with people who wish to make your business better when you work to make their company better.

And that, the bottom line is, is the difference in today’s world. The global world is smaller. Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and the like make it easy to interact with people at all times of day and builds a level of understanding and connection that is unprecedented. Be yourself. You are now intertwined with the brand of the business you are pitching. If you are fake, the business will be seen as artificial as.

Do what you will do normally. If you’re not a blogger. Don’t blog. If you don’t like twitter, don’t tweet. Basically, chose the communication medium that best suits you. Look for connections. Not just between people, but between companies. Direct: These are people that you understand straight or can be launched directly. In this full case, you are looking to (shock!) straight pitch the person on your service or product. Indirect: These are tangential connections, where you want to pitch your service or product to someone because of the social people that like, follow, respect the direct connection.

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The first type, Direct, is the most like sales. You have something you want someone else to use or pay for, so you describe the features and benefits, and you are off to the races. The next, Indirect, is very much like a Direct connection, but your target isn’t the initial connection, but its the initial person’s followers and friends rather.

Both of these are necessary for the development of an organization. As long as you are open up and honest about any of it there is certainly nothing at all shady about the practice. The 3rd type, Enhance, is the most challenging and esoteric. People that are successful at Enhanced Cable connections don’t work for commission payment usually.

They usually aren’t great sales people. But, they start to see the potential in both their company, and the prospective company, and understand that together they are stronger than individually. And most importantly, they understand it is about sharing and giving, not taking just. I often joke that my title is VP also, Introductions and Favors.

99% of my job is doing mementos, giving introductions or asking for favors or introductions. If you ask me, the only capital I possess is my reputation and the trust of my friends have that I am going to introduce someone that is worthy and won’t waste their time. To get, one must give, and trust that the present is compelling enough to have the other surrender return. And that one phrase is “new school” Business Development. Its not wining and eating, or business journeys, or expense accounts even. Its being in circumstances of constantly giving, ensuring you have given more daily than receiving.

Sounds like you bought goods that you gave to your cathedral as part of a church mission. You held your receipts. It will be helpful in burning (proving) your deduction if the church creates you a record that thanks a lot you for donating the things, lists them, and shows the time period.

The church doesn’t have showing the beliefs (your existing receipts do this). You are hoped by me find this helpful. I perform with a band at a dance. We increase money for our university scholarship at the dance. We performers are not paid anything. On Fri night time to rehearse We come to town, and perform on Saturday. Can we deduct our motel, mileage, and food expenses because of this?