The Secondary English Coffee Shop

The Secondary English Coffee Shop

One of the best units to teach is Romeo & Juliet – it’s a simple intro to Shakespeare for my 10th graders and it’s really so much fun to tease out the absurdity of it all. My students lose their minds over their age range, their hurry and their mis-steps. My students seem to truly have a preconceived idea that it’s a mushy love tale and I love nothing more than to dispel their ideas.

One of the first activities I really do is a Pre-Reading Graphic Organizer which will make your students debating a few of the topics and styles which come up in the play. The questions on the organizer are thought-provoking and create some fantastic conversations with my students. I have students work on it individually and discuss in small groups before writing with the complete class then. The questions also begin to hint at a few of the conflicts and challenges that the characters will face in the play. Grab a FREE duplicate HERE! I get a kick out of memes and there are some fantastic ones out there for Romeo & Juliet.

  • Examples: Fark and Spin Thicket
  • Learn about the net Content Accessibility Guidelines
  • 3: LightScribe Labeling Software
  • Copy and paste small tree into a fresh file and trim 3 times from green cards stock

A quick Google search will yield many results – I print them away and put them up around my class room. I bring in the memes as they relate to …



Other sites may be detailed as well. 1-to-3 years of dedicated social experience at an interactive, advertising, communications/public relationships or marketing company. Must have previous client experience focusing on social media marketing programs as well as performing word-of-mouth promotions (including blogger/influencer outreach programs). Passion for public mass media and community-building online, including an understanding of social media platforms as well as tools of the trade. Superior written and verbal communication skills: a “practical minor” in journalism. Capability to think, plan, and execute resourcefully, across multiple tasks.

Knowledge of online tracking and monitoring tools and the ability to search and find key content within sociable media (will be trained on advanced monitoring solutions for the brand). Degree preferred in liberal arts, journalism, or new mass media. Grow the group of fans of each brand with original and innovative promotions. Know the latest social tools, APIs, plugins, and integrations, identifying opportunities, trends, and new features in the social media space.

Identify applications of social graph data and options for personalization. Develop individual social integrations unique to each brand. Develop and optimize Facebook and Twitter information including the creation of custom tabs with optimized and interactive content. Track progress with regular reporting on social feature performance including engagement, conversion, and traffic growth. Optimize social’s effect on SEO.

Expert at building and developing large social media profiles for large brands. Expert understanding of all Facebook developer tools including plugins, authentication, personalization, SDKs, and analytics. Strong understanding of SEO and the conversation between SMO and …



Make social mass media videos that turn viewers into followers. Use Biteable’s online video creator to kick your public page into overdrive in minutes. What do you will need a social mass media video for? Make a promo that people watch from start to finish. Focus on this template and generate interest very quickly. Want to talk about something special? Use this template to spice up your business improvements and get people thrilled. If you wish to drive a conversation with your audience, this template is the way to go (it’s also ideal for attracting new viewers).

First impressions count. When people land on your Facebook page, suggest to them something they won’t forget with this template. 1. Get on Biteable or subscribe here! 2. What type of video do you want to make? We’ve got a template for this. Pick one to get started. 3. The fun begins Now. Add scenes, upload your own content, and edit the text to suit your business.

  1. How to get Alt tag for WordPress NgGallery Image
  2. On the File menu click Save as… click Save, click Replace, and click Save again
  3. How to Cancel Windows 10 Reservation (Properly)
  4. Transcribe Your Videos and Post the complete Transcript into Your Video Description
  5. Exercise: Influence view layout at runtime
  6. Reducing # of scale operations to 1 1 per layer on the timeline
  7. Increase in Revenue
  8. 1/3 industry related information and “in audience” content

4. Export your video and save it someplace special. 5. Upload your video …

Scraping Data From Websites

Scraping Data From Websites

When asking for and parsing data from a source with unfamiliar properties and random behavior (quite simply, scraping), All types are expected by me of bizarrities to occur. Managing exceptions are specially helpful in such cases. Here’s some techniques, an exception might be raised. Catching the exception is sometimes cleaner than preventing it from happening in the first place. Below are a few examples handling bizarre exceptions in scrapers. Let’s say we’re parsing dates. This doesn’t raise an error.

It raises a ValueError because the day forms don’t match. So what do we do if we’re scraping a data source with multiple time formats? A straightforward thing is to disregard the date formats that people didn’t expect. If we make a clean day column in a data source and put this within, we’ll involve some rows with times plus some rows with nulls. If there are only a few nulls, we would just parse those by hand. Maybe we have determined that particular databases use three different date formats.

We can try all three. This loops through three different date formats and comes back the first one which doesn’t raise the mistake. If you’re scraping an unreliable website or you are behind an unreliable internet connection, you may sometimes get HTTPErrors or URLErrors for valid URLs. Trying later might help again. This function tries to download the page thee times.

  • We launch the marketing campaign and monitor public media to engage and respond as buzz is generated
  • Hiring & Vetting
EARN MONEY FROM Home With Google Adsense

EARN MONEY FROM Home With Google Adsense

Short answer for making money online with Google Adsense. Get a blog or website, write articles, known as content also. Subscribe with Google’s Adsense Program. They’ll assign a publisher ID to you and you will be able to get some good “code” that you can put in your website or blog.

Tell everyone you understand – friends, family, acquaintances, etc. about your site. Watch the cash come moving in. First, you may need a website or blog. Then, you’ll need to join Google’s Adsense program. It is an application that was created to deliver targeted, relevant advertising to publishers. What is a publisher you ask? A publisher could be defined as one with a website.

  1. Select “Add/Remove Programs” (if you using XP) or “Programs and Features” (Windows Vista & 7)
  2. Add a button to make links more visible
  3. Objectives Mission declaration and Vision declaration
  4. How Much Does Web Design Cost? I’D LIKE a good Website
  5. What sign-offs do you require
  6. Do research and get training to protect yourself, your family, as well as your business
  7. SITE123 [ create free website ]
  8. Improve web site traffic and sales

Can you be considered a publisher? Yes. You only need to have a web existence and if you have a blog or website, you already have a presence. In fact, you’re not limited by just having just one web presence. You are able to put Google Adsense “code” on the unlimited weblogs sites that you create.

So, your opportunities are our ever-expanding …

7 Critical Steps To AN EFFECTIVE Launch

7 Critical Steps To AN EFFECTIVE Launch

With the economic weather as it is, most are looking to earn a supplementary income by starting an online home business. The recognition of the internet as it is makes it so much simpler to work online nowadays. With all the possibilities available to online business individuals, who are always on the appearance out for new ways to earn money online.

Starting an online home business is one way of doing this and creating a far more flexible way of working, that can produce yourself more leisure time to enjoy. A question to ask yourself – If others can perform success why can’t I? Get your brain into thinking that it is possible.

Even in a down economy you must be self-motivated to be able to continue. Make it your single goal, to be that successful online business male or female. The first rung on the ladder to consider is to make a business plan. The plan will include your main aim for the web business, the long and short term goals, and how to implement them for success.

Set the procedures down in detail, the product, finances, the general jogging of your online business. Internet affiliate marketing is one of the easiest for beginners to web-based home business to get into. What is the first thing visitors see of your house business – ‘Your Website’. It will not be a nagging problem to set up your website, at first it could seem difficult but once you go through it …

Top 10 10 Internet Tips And Tricks

Top 10 10 Internet Tips And Tricks

Top 10 Internet tips and tricks Its not necessary the http:// part of a website When entering an Internet address you do not need to type http:// or even www. Tab to move back a field. For example, in the example form below you can click in the “First Name” field type anything and press tab to switch to another field.

And to go the cursor into the address bar. 0 will reset the written text. Press F5 to refresh or reload a website. Press F11 to help make the Internet browser screen full screen. Press F11 again to come back to the normal view. B to open your Internet bookmarks. F to open the find package to search for text within the next web page you are reading.

Related web pages Full listing of Internet Explorer shortcut keys. Full report on Mozilla Firefox shortcut keys. Protect yourself and avoid bad websites How can I protect myself while online? Avoid Internet phishing. Safeguarding children from dangerous people and materials on the Internet. Take benefit of tabbed browsing Take full benefit of tabbed browsing on all Internet browsers. While reading any website if you find a link that passions you open the link in a new tab so it did not interrupt your reading.

  1. Frustration Tolerance and Patience
  2. File Create Torrent (or CTRL + M)
  3. Once in C:Windowssystem32drivers, find and delete these five files:vboxdrv.sys
  4. Pre-Made Flash Loops
  5. July 20173
  6. Open your registered email account and compose a fresh email
What Are The Technologies Used In Front-End Development?

What Are The Technologies Used In Front-End Development?

Back-End, Front-End, Full Stack. So, many denominations to discuss Web improvement, find out how to navigate? You must coordinate a digital challenge and you do not know which profile to call? I will try to simplify your task. What does a Front-End developer do? How can it enhance my site? With what does he work? The front-end development is a work of website programming and interface design. The Front-End Developer will work on all elements of the location viewed by the consumer. Let me explain. In programming, the developer juggles with 4 types of languages, particularly HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

He will want these languages to translate the graphics to ship a web site in the end. Does it translate graphical parts? Yes. The Front-End developer makes use of the weather to write code to create the visual appearance of your site. He can also be liable for making use of the design chosen by the online designer in order that your pages and the weather of your site are coherent.

What do graphical elements embody? They embody the graphics models of your web site. Additionally, they include style guides. The developer creates the environment for every part the person sees and touches about the content, structure, and interaction of the website. The Front-End developer must consider several forms of the browser, for instance, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer (Edge). Because it has to be sure that the location is displayed uniformly on all browsers. The developer can …

The Best Alternatives To IMovie For PC Users

The Best Alternatives To IMovie For PC Users

It embraced everything that was good about Apple computer systems and became a fan favorite quickly. A Windows version would surely sell plenty of copies, but Apple seems unlikely to engage PC users in this real way anytime soon. But, if you are pining for iMovie, and plan on using a PC for the near future, all is not lost yet. There are many great alternatives to iMovie for PC users. Listed below are five of the best video editors that are capable of matching, or surpassing, iMovie.

Perhaps the most obvious PC alternative to iMovie would be Windows Live Movie Maker. It really is free to download and seamlessly integrates into any Windows environment. It generally does not offer users too many advanced functions, but this helps it is an extremely approachable software application that may be used by video enthusiasts of all skill levels.

You can add transitions, text and effects while also having the ability to edit both sound and video files. Sharing options enable you to publish your video right to Facebook or YouTube, and HD resolutions are for sale to your finished movies. Available as a standalone product, or within a package deal with Photoshop Elements, Adobe’s Premiere Elements is another great option to iMovie for PC users.

As well as the typical editing abilities you’ll expect, this feature packed video editor has a variety of high-end effects that are computerized or simplified so that everyone can enjoy their benefits. For example, camera shake and …

What Psychiatrists Have To Say About Holiday Blues

What Psychiatrists Have To Say About Holiday Blues

Alas, there are also millions who have to deal with darker feelings as the world literally darkens around them. Why feel blue in debt and green season? Of year You will find multiple reasons to feel stressed or even downright overwhelmed during this time, in addition to the expectations set around us.

Memories of holidays past, either food or sad, of season can create a sense of reduction this time around. We may find ourselves missing people who are no longer with us, and carrying on the same traditions without them can be considered a strong reminder of their absence. The sense of burden or responsibility, both socially or financially, can be significant.

  1. Car websites need to work around the “life upgrade” that the vehicle symbolizes to its owner
  2. Instant credibility
  3. Ideally launches you in to the actual design and building stage
  4. Click Restart to restart the machine and enter UEFI (BIOS)
  5. What is your class room pet peeve
  6. Get a Modern And Amazing Look For Your Website That Will Impress
  7. Annual income or how much you’re generating from publication sales

We can get swept up in the industry aspects of gift giving, attempting to find that perfect item for relatives and buddies. Many set their sights on special gifts, and we often can feel stretched thin trying to find an equilibrium between making our loved ones happy and keeping our bank accounts from being in the black.

It’s also a period for gathering with those close to us, which …