Nearing Fifty, I Just… Don’t… Care!

Like many of us, until my forties, I had opted through life being invincible rather. Not merely was it inconceivable that something bad could happen if you ask me ever, my very mortality appeared suspect even. Then, while i started feeling creaks and aches in bones I hadn’t considered since anatomy class in medical school, it made me reluctantly concede which i actually was mortal – or even worse – growing older.

Yet, now, as I close in on fifty, I’ve made a far more shocking breakthrough: I simply don’t caution. I’m learning that there surely is a whole lot that is astonishingly, gloriously and wondrously liberating about the half-century make. For instance, what woman hasn’t been through life wishing she could just lose five or even ten pounds?

Nearing fifty, I just… don’t… care! I used to adhere to that universal female delusional calculus that high fat calories don’t depend when snatched from a husband’s dish. Since I had gone low carb many years before, the pounds got crept up again, generally because I now insist upon having a cup or two of wine with an evening meal.

An casual and utterly unscientific, but believe it or not persuasive poll of my girl contemporaries unveils that, for some good reason, nightly wine with dinner appears to be the right of passage for middle-aged women unto itself. Perhaps in the case of baby boomer women, the suddenly innate, undeniable thirst for a nightly nip also provides a humane purpose that anesthetizes us resistant to the pain of getting older. In any event, when I possibly could no much longer fit into my favorite couple of jeans, I started out contemplating perhaps I should go lower back on a two week induction period.

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I received thoughts of severely restricting my carbs therefore i can achieve fast weight loss. So, I reread the nice doctor Atkins’ course to refamiliarize myself with the process. I cried loud in the bookstore away. I decided to keep the poundage and toss the jeans. And, that was the beginning of my liberation, for rather than despair, I came across myself rejoicing: I get to shop!

How My Newfound Freedom Progressed Admirably. Who must decorate and placed on makeup, for leaving the home just? No one anymore looks at me, anyway. Not i used to be always a brain turner ever, but by virtue of children just, I acquired a few, secretly cherished, second glances. Now, somewhat than feel badly I’m being overlooked, I love it!

I go out without makeup, sporting ratty clothes (which some might term, “pajamas”) on a regular basis. No-one notices. Who hasn’t fantasized in what she or he could do if rendered unseen? I always thought I’d hate making fifty, however now that it’s looming, I cannot delay! What else will I discover that I don’t value? Unfortunately, for my long anguish husband, horrified as of this change of events understandably, men don’t seem to be to enjoy the same sense of liberation as they grow old. Perhaps it’s because they have far less to be liberated from. After all, culture has always placed so much more of reduced on women’s looks.

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