From THE BOTTOM Up: Rebuilding M’s Pub

In January 2016, the favorite Old Market restaurant highly, M’s Pub, captured fire out of the blue and then got to completely shut down due to a massive amount of devastation. After the previous owner and her business partner divide ways, one of these went on to open up a bar and restaurant in Aksarben Village.

They are now on the way to reopening M’s Pub which is set to most probably in August 2017 and for those who have been to M’s Pub, the iconic green marble pub shall come back. The green marble bar that is at the dining room of the initial M’s Pub is a marble that is recognized as Verde Mare Marble.

As a lot of you know, the green marble was a dark green marble with gold and white streaks throughout. The bar will have a honed finish, which means it will be smooth and polished; and will have a bullnose (or rounded edge) all the way around. The owners of M’s Pub have chosen GMS Works to install the new Verde Mare marble pub so customers have something familiar to remember the old M’s Pub by.

Along with the iconic green marble bar, the chef will be bringing back again some favorites from the previous menu, but also change it up and then add new refreshing what to go with the new look. Whether you are rebuilding or remodeling, GMS Werks would like to give you a hand! Please, email us with any questions, it’s likely you have.

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