Essay On Weight Loss Surgery

Is Surgery a Good Way to Lose Weight and Be Healthy? For the past decades, there had been great improvements in the technology which lead to more comfort, convenience, and luxury for folks. This recent technology though have a great impact on the shift in people’s lifestyles. This shift of lifestyle includes dramatic changes on the people’s eating habits, activities, and other health habits. Together with these changes is the alarming occurrence of many health problems and medical conditions that confront us today. Today that also cause other illnesses or even loss of life is weight problems Among the leading health problems.

In the past years, there were significant boosts on the number of individuals that are overweight in America and far away. The World Health Organization even called obesity as an epidemic as it already impacts over 65% of the American population (World Health Organization). Carrying excess fat and obese also increases the threat of a person for other serious health problems such diabetes, malignancy, heart stroke, gallbladder diseases, and cardiovascular diseases.

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Because of the alarming final results of obesity, a complete lot of individuals are becoming concerned about their weight and health. Many overweight and obese people who wish to lose weight either choose the traditional means like nutritious diet, rigid exercise and physical activities or the moment mean that involves surgery.

Weight reduction surgery is usually regarded as a quick fix for long-term problem and have a problem with weight. Every year in the United States There are thousands of individuals who undergo weight surgery. Despite the perception as an easy remedy for slimming down, is surgery a really good way to lose weight and be healthy?

Thought weight-loss surgeries and associated with a fast and long-lasting weight loss, the procedure of the surgery is also very risky it consists of major changes in the torso. Because of the risk involve, the operation will you need to be available for some patients who meet the criteria for being a plausible candidate for the surgery.

to be looked at for a weight-loss surgery, a person should have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 40 or more, have a weight-related health condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure. The aspiring candidate should also have tried reducing your weight by different exercises and diets.

They should also be in a healthy condition before having an operation. Lastly they ought to commit to long-term follow-up checkups following the surgery. Surgery may be considered a fast mean to lose weight but it isn’t your best option out there. Changing lifestyle like having a healthy diet plan, undergoing a nutritious diet and engaging in physical activities like exercises will be the best ways to achieve weight reduction.