Beyond the blue important thing, we look after mankind and character. So we behave on our administration as accountable business owners socially. We are committed since long assisting education, culture, sustainability, and philosophy. We share a share of our profits to causes with an objective as something essential to our vision of life.

Our long-term target is to talk about a minimum of 10% of the profits we produce. If the funding partner doesn’t agree with it, then we don’t touch his income share, but, we the local companions shall do it from our side, because we care for the united states where we live.

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  • Reporting abuse and whistle blowing
  • Foundation Degree in Combined Professional Studies
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  • Track investment cost basis and create Schedule D tax reports

Also, if an buyer is interested, we can develop or assist a good cause beyond Chile collectively. It is on the core of our main interest as people to increase these practical actions on the businesses we are engaged. We don’t see turmoil between getting private and solid earnings and posting this abundance with the community.

More than philanthropy, we talk about the cooperation, bonding, linking, SHARING, generosity, working jointly. Assisting people and business with an objective on the life. Not a non-revenue business always. You could assist a teacher or a health care provider, or a shaman, or a small company to expand its outstanding work. To cooperate each other for a kind purpose.

There are great people focusing on the State and on the for-profit sector. Not just on the non-profit section of the culture. We have to stimulate cooperation between everyone, sharing knowledge, funds, empathy, kindness at the end. We believe we do not have to wait until being old and rich, to share back with the less handicapped.

We see life as a marathon with many mountains to climb. You will find fluctuations here and there, and a savior hands, I am certain, we’d been lucky to receive on some moment on our own marathon of life. Preventing us from falling deep and being more hurt. We feel we must do the same while we run just, walk or struggle up, with our fellows mates.

Just as easy as that. In the marathon of life we’ve many endings, many joyful tops, and a new lap starts then. So, we cannot wait around until we are wealthy and old to talk about. It may be a selfish attitude when someone is merely falling down on our side.

Just believe that a person may be one of all your family members. Would he be informed by you or her, wait, I’d assist you once I am wealthy and old. Certainly, if this is the case, you shall loose their affection and their love, for a long time probably. Humankind can be like our brothers, sisters, children, parents, grandparents. A heart-feeling community and if we can provide a tactile hand, without dropping down with them, we must reach it out. This is the philosophy of life, you are invited by us to have around, while we do business. As the balance is held by us and the energy for our companies, employees, and shareholders, we can reveal our power occasionally with the Community.