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Finally, changes in exchange rates, of major exporting countries especially, translate to changes in international food prices. Thus, as macroeconomic factors lead to more volatile exchange rates, food price volatility also rises. AFRICA has endured a tortured history of political instability and religious, ethnic, and racial strife. To be able to understand this bewildering, beautiful continent – and also to grasp the complexity that is my home country, Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation – I think it is completely important that we examine the story plot of African people. Through the colonial period, struggles were fought, exhaustingly, on so many fronts – for equality, for justice, for freedom – by politicians, intellectuals, and common folk alike.

This is how I start to see the chaos in Africa today and the absence of reasoning in what we’re doing. Africa’s postcolonial disposition is the result of individuals who have lost the habit of ruling themselves, ignored their traditional way of thinking, embracing and participating in the world without sufficient planning.

We also have had difficulty running the systems foisted upon us at the dawn of independence by our colonial experts. We are like the man in the Igbo proverb who does not know where in fact the rain began to defeat him and so cannot say where he dried his body. People don’t like this particular analysis, since it looks as if we want to place the blame on another person. More by Chinua Achebe here. He could be the writer of an awesome book Things Fall Apart.

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