Canadian Dollar Exchange Rate In The 180-day Forward Market?

Data on Liu Inc. for the newest year are shown below, combined with the inventory conversion period (ICP) of the companies against which it benchmarks. The firm’s new CFO thinks that the business could reduce its inventory enough to reduce its ICP to the benchmarks’ average. If this were done, by how much would inventories decrease? Use a 365-day year.

The firm’s new CFO thinks that the business could delay payments enough to increase its PDP to the benchmarks’ average. If this were done, by how much would payables increase? Use a 365-day season. Shulman Inc. gets the following data, in thousands. Assuming a 365-day year, what’s the firm’s cash transformation routine? Noddings Inc.’s business is flourishing, and it requires to raise more capital.

The company buys supplies on conditions of 1/10 world wide web 20, and it presently will take the discount. One way of getting the needed funds would be to forgo the discount, and the firm’s owner believes she could delay payment to 40 days without undesirable effects. What would be the effective annual percentage cost of funds raised by this step? 8,200. If the automobile still sold for the same amount of yen today however the current exchange rate is 144 yen per money, what would the automobile be offering for today in U.S.

Suppose in the location market 1 U.S. 1.60 Canadian dollars. 6-month Canadian securities have an annualized comeback of 6% (and therefore a 6-month periodic return of 3%). 6-month U.S. 6.5% and a periodic comeback of 3.25%. If interest parity holds, what’s the U.S. Canadian buck exchange rate in the 180-day forward market?

5,000,000 of new common stock. 12.00 per talk about one 12 months from now. 12 prices occur, what would today’s value of the whole underwriting compensation be? Assume that the investment banker’s required come back on such plans is 15%, and ignore taxes. The company you started has been offered credit conditions of 4/30 just, net 3 months.

What will be the nominal annual percentage cost of its non-free-trade credit if it will pay 120 days after the purchase? 100, each day on the 365-day basis 000. The firm’s cost of goods sold is 75% of sales. 8,000,000 in accounts receivable. The company is looking for ways to shorten its cash conversion cycle.

Its CFO has suggested new policies that could result in a 20% reduction in both average inventories and accounts receivable. She also anticipates that these plans would reduce sales by 10%, while the payables deferral period would remain unchanged at 35 times. What effect would these procedures have on the company’s cash conversion cycle? Day Round to the nearest entire.

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Taylor Textbooks, Inc., buys on terms of 2/15, online 50 days. It does not take discounts, and it pays on time typically, 50 days after the invoice date. 450,000 per year. On average, what is the dollar amount of costly trade credit (total credit – free-credit) the firm receives through the year?

6,000,000 bank loans to finance service equipment. The loan has an interest of 10% and would be amortized over 5 years, with 5 end-of-year payments. 1,790,000 each. How much larger or smaller is the bank loan payment than the lease payment? Note: Subtract the loan payment from the lease payment. Waldrop Corporation is considering a leasing agreement to financing some production tools that it needs for another three years.