Most Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF) require an investment plan; a set of suggestions, which govern how the moneys being kept will be used while considering, the risks included. But this isn’t a choice for the Federal government to make on its own. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), of the day must consult with the Parliament on the Administration, citizens, and non-government organizations with this matter.

The Fund said in one of its reports that this is necessary to reduce the chance of unilateral decisions by any single party. The IMF also mentioned that while governance models vary due to variations in political organizations, there are some common principles that must definitely be considered necessary to any well-governed SWF.

The IMF said that this takes a solid legal basis for the SWF and the establishment of the chain of governing bodies from the legislature right down to the individual asset managers with accountability at every level. The Fund stressed that there has to be a clear and transparent division of jobs and duties between the various governing systems.

It said that is a required condition for achieving accountability and legal certainty. The Fund said, “When the role of a specific is unclear, it will not be possible to hold it to accounts. Both overlaps and gaps in duties and responsibilities must be avoided. Overlaps give an unclear division of responsibilities and undermine accountability.

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“Gaps in regulations may create room for unchecked and unwanted risk taking. It continues, “Asset management is skill-intensive highly, and proper delegation to a specialist staff is necessary for successful execution of the SWF’s investment strategies. Delegation also serves to target the attention of each regulating body to the problems that are critical for success at their level in the governance system.

The IMF added, “While a sound and strong strategy is necessary for successful management of the SWF, there must be flexibility in the execution of technique to deal with changing market conditions. At the same time, the International Monetary Fund said that the governance structure must allow the owner to look for the appropriate aggregate degree of risk. It said that level is dependent also on the amount of risk aversion of the best beneficiaries of the SWF–the people.

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