The brown sugars milk drink is by far THE MOST happening F&B craze this year, more and more international brands are opening (and I heard more, soon) and also to be frank, I am thrilled HAHA! One of the many international brands that are starting here’s One Zo, a bubble tea drink brand that’s coming from Taiwan and they emphasize their dark brown sugar dairy tea as the primary celebrity here! They opened up their first store in Aeon Mall BSD and located inside the meals Culture area (Aeon’s food court on G floor).

Wrapped before adapting to the area temperatures and chilled for a little.I’m not mistaken I think the entire process required around 20-30 minutes, it’s the cooking food process that required longer because they want to make sure the bubble got the right dampness and texture! One thing for certain, I APPRECIATE the fact that they make their own bubble HIGHLY, I just think it’s cool!

Anyway talk about bubbles they have four kinds of bubbles here, yes FOUR types and each made from a different component: Brown Sugar (IDR 7k), Black Sesame (IDR 7k), Crystal (IDR 5k), and Mango Bubble (IDR 7k)! EASILY am asked by one name the best, before that without a doubt that I love both of the drinks (milk tea/dairy version), I found these to be nice and pleasurable similarly, and DELICIOUS!

Both are good in my opinion. They gave me two more drinks for me personally to try: Italian Cocoa Latte (IDR 44k – L), Taro Milk Tea (IDR 33k – L), The chocolates is cherished by me drink! I don’t myself hard to be entertained by chocolate drinks, just please avoid cheap tasting chocolate and business owners should be sensitive about that!

Their Dirty Brown Sugar series is definitely among the best that I’ve had in town! I had zero complaints about that, I love the sweetness, the creaminess and together with all, the chewiness of the bubble! Other drinks that I recommend would be the Mango Milkshake, the Italian Cocoa Drink and perhaps you can explore more than they have quite a few options! Which makes me happy and you are liked by me!

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