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Other sites list jobs, however they don’t care and attention how it fits you and your longer term profession. Zippia can help you find and pursue the job that is right for your job. Get job recommendations based on your background, workplace preferences, and career goals. See if the company culture matches you. Discover new career options based on your skill set, including salaries, job responsibilities, and more. Discover new profession options predicated on people with similar skill pieces, salaries and job responsibilities. Zippia has given me hope again that I could escape my dead-end warehouse job and find something better, something related to my major.

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  • Headset audio cuts out during use or becomes glitchy
  • Why do you leave your last job
  • What is your age
  • Installing the Motherboard to the Metallic Plate

Zippia aggregates all the information that a job seeker needs into one site. A lot better design and layout. Monster is bad and not worth it. You determined what jobs I needed without me knowing what I needed. I felt limited by traditional opportunities when graduating. Zippia helped me think outside the box and find a position that was definitely a good fit.

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