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New York SBDC Research Network

Let’s say you created an incredible disaster recovery plan for your small business, and you were able to reopen shortly after a ferocious storm. Meanwhile, your employees’ homes were damaged through the storm, and many roads are closed. So you’re open for business minus the team that keeps your procedures running.

Failure to see and prepare your employees for disasters is among the many common mistakes business owners make when doing business continuity planning. Not being sufficiently covered by insurance is another oversight that can result in the failure of your business. Get free tips about ways to avoid these and other costly mistakes at a free of charge webinar hosted by Agility Recovery and the U.S.

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Small Business Administration on Tuesday, Dec. 9. True stories about business owners’ pre-disaster missteps, programs not implemented and lessons discovered will be talked about as well. SBA has partnered with Agility to offer business continuity strategies through its “PrepareMyBusiness” website. The SBA provides devastation recovery assistance by means of low-interest loans to homeowners, renters, private nonprofits, and businesses of all sizes. WHEN: Tuesday, Dec. 9, 2014 — 2-3 3 p.m.

There are certain pros and cons for each tax treatment. You can find more information inside our small business owner’s guide to LLC fees. Naming your business is an essential step that requires careful consideration. Ideally, your business name will be around for a long time, so make sure it is something you like truly. The name of your business can reflect your name, the services your business provides, or company ideals or promises. To assist you here, we created the ultimate business name generator. You have to enter your services just, area, and your name as the creator.

The tool creates multiple suggestions used as a starting point to create your own unique idea. Once you’ve the final list, head to america Patent and Trademark Office to check which names remain available. Franchises are another popular and profitable option to consider when starting a cleaning business. With a franchise, you have the advantage of name recognition, regional or national marketing efforts, and established procedures and recommendations set up already. One disadvantage of starting a franchise is that you give up a lot of the creative freedom that comes with owning a little business and have less of the say as it pertains to operational procedures.

“A secret I would like to talk about with everyone is that it’s a good idea to choose a good franchise that will look after the marketing for you. You should focus on building good systems and practices-the primary of each business’ growth. And choosing to be always a franchisee means having this core already founded for you.

Another important step in setting up your cleaning business is arranging your finances. Getting your business finances split from your individual finances helps it be easier to manage your cash movement, organize your taxes, and can help protect your personal resources should anything go wrong. Chase Business Checking is an excellent option for small businesses.

They have nearly 5,000 branches, 16,000 ATMs, a mobile app, and an easy-to-use website. 300 welcome bonus when you open up a merchant account today. Licensing requirements can vary depending on your location, so consult with your state, city, and county governments. Some cities require cleaning businesses to secure an occupational license although some only need you to file a Doing Business As (DBA) form. The enrollment process may sound intimidating, especially to first-time entrepreneurs.

However, day the process is usually straightforward and may take as little as one. With any cleaning business, accidents can happen. For example, an employee might unintentionally break a mirror or knock a tv off of its stand. Liability insurance is critical for protecting your business when accidents happen. For cleaning businesses catering to commercial clients, responsibility insurance is a must-have.

Before you begin cleaning your first property, it’s important to find janitorial insurance you can depend on. AP Intego’s nationally certified provider’s shop and compare your coverage need to get you the right coverage at a realistic price, fast. Touch base for a free, no-obligation quote. A bond is a kind of insurance that functions as a financial promise against the conditions of the bond.