Make YOUR SITE Now: Flash Website Tutorial 1

Make YOUR SITE Now: Flash Website Tutorial

Before I start – for anybody who want a simple way out of the tutorial, you can create a free flash website with Wix that can look like a very professional website. Now for those who are thinking about going through with the tutorial still, I will continue.

Open display click new flash document. 6. The color of the square should be white, so go through the paint bucket tool, and choose the color white. 7.Drag and make a square, any size we would change that personally in a minute. 8. Change the width now, height, x, and y positioning (change the width to 650, the elevation to 469.2, the a placement to 398.1, and they placement to 299.3.) to change this dimension is all in the page properties. 9. With the square still selected now make it into a symbol to do this press (F8) a display screen should come up exactly what will ask you to name it. Name it “Background Symbol”.

10. Make a new level to do tis go through the insert level button. 11. Select the new level and click on the square tool again and make another square with the heart stroke off and the color rather than white make it black. 12. Make the new square into a symbol by pressing (F8) and name it masked symbol.

13. After you have made it into symbolic double click into the square this will need you inside the image and a new time range. 14. Now click and keep down on “Layer 1″ and with it still clicked drag it into of” Layer 2″ . 15. The picture on top shows what it will look like.

17. When you do this both levels are going to be locked you can tell because now the have a little lock next to them. 18. Select “Layer 2″ find an image you like and today we are going to place in there. File/Import/Import to stage. Then a search window is going to come up and you also find out where your picture is and dual click and it’ll be positioned on the stage.

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19. Now lock that level up by hitting where the lock was back. 20. Go tot the primary timeline Now. 21. Now lets make some buttons. Begin by making a new layer and pull everything the real way down so it becomes underneath the coating. 24. Choose the duplicate and square and paste in the same place.

25. Follow step 24 three more times but each right time with a different in placement. 26. Then add text to the buttons click on the text tool. Right on top of the rectangular tool “A”. 27. Change the text color exactly like if you were changing the backdrop color on the square.