Third Normal Form

· The form of data source normalization where all non-key areas are influenced by the key, the whole key, and nothing but the key. 1. Identify the transitive dependency in the model below. State which features violate Third Normal Form. 2. Define the rule of Third Normal Form. · 1NF is satisfied by resolving multi-valued features.

3. A color plan for a car includes specs for paint color for your body and the inside colors and materials. For example: The “Desert” color scheme includes silver paint and gray leather interior; the “Sunburst” color system includes gold color and cream leather interior. Does the model below follow the guidelines of Third Normal Form?

If you spot a violation, appropriate it. · Model I choose rely on manufacturer (make) – not absolutely all producer make every model. · Color scheme available depends on model I choose to buy really. · Paint color and interior color depends on color scheme I choose. 2. A Color scheme must be made up of at least one model at heart. 3. Once car is manufactured, I can’t change model and system of car. • An athlete employs one agent.

• A realtor may work for just one or more sports athletes. • An athlete might play for one team. Does the model below contain a number of transitive dependencies? Identify the attributes involved in the transitive dependencies. · Team trainer is dependent on team. 5. Now that you have an basic notion of why is a good UID, you need to be aware of the controversy, benefits, and difficulty of uniquely determining someone. Consider the idea of a national ID card.

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  2. Use an arranged story framework with a reasonable starting, middle and end
  3. 1 3/4 hours or 1.75 hours
  4. BSBMED304 Assist in controlling stocks and materials
  5. 29 CFR 1910.211-Definitions
  6. Any government company or device

What kinds of problems would the credit card create and what kinds of problems would it solve? If your country already runs on the nationwide ID credit card, what are the huge benefits and issues associated with this? Within your opinion, could DNA mapping end up being the national ID card? Why or why not? I am more content with the idea of single identity of every person than afraid of. · In all authorities transactions I have to give SSN and done just, say no paper work while getting a fresh credit card. As of today DNA thing may be beneficial but we are much way behind. It won’t be an artificial UID like SSN but costly to gather this data as of today.

I suggest when searching for a prepaid card make sure you know the issuing bank or investment company. Read the terms of service of the 3rd party issuer, check out their fees, launching times, their payment companions (to learn where you can gather money). They are just a few of the cards and you might be familiar with them or know of several more. These pre-paid cards are not reloadable and you have to keep repurchasing credit cards as the funds run out. You can get these credit cards from many stores plus some banks.