THEREFORE I Wasn't Terribly Surprised When 1

THEREFORE I Wasn’t Terribly Surprised When

In March 2014, than a year after issuing its first books a little press called Entranced Publishing closed its doors less, amid a haze of lays, unpaid staff and authors, and bizarre promises regarding a change in ownership. Only two months later, in-may 2014, Fiery Seas Publishing (FSP) posted its first acquisitions on Publishers Marketplace. FSP-creator Misty Williams’s previous job was as a publicist for Entranced. Inexperienced web publishers are one of the pitfalls of the small press world. So I wasn’t terribly surprised when, in middle-2017, I began getting issues about past due royalty obligations and poor communication at Fiery Seas. Then, August 28 of the 12 months on FSP writers received an alarming email from Williams.

Due to “different occasions,” and “sales numbers not being where they need to be,” the business was re-structuring: eliminating paperbacks, switching vendors (from Ingram to Baker & Taylor), and re-vamping the royalty claims. If authors wanted to leave, they were free to do so. The email also acknowledged–indirectly–the communications issues I’d been hearing about. I needed to take a moment and send an revise on a lot of things happening at Fiery Seas and ideally put a few of you relaxed.

Due to the many different events that have occurred and sales quantities not being where they need to be, Fiery Seas will be restructuring our business. We’ve had major issues with our distributor and they are issues that are out of my hands. While I’ve had to clarify this many times in the past little while. I’d like to ensure that everyone is aware. I have been heading and around with them for not replacing broken books around, messing up orders, not getting orders out on time, and more.

We experienced some problems with merchants not uploading and making our paperbacks available when all of that information is open to them. We’re able to have all of them upon all other sites, but one plus they have the same information sent from Ingram. These are things I can’t make them do. I call, and I complain until I’m blue in the facial skin, but I still have to hold back to see what will happen.

So, because of this we can make some changes to the way we do things. First, we won’t do paperbacks until a threshold is met, at that right time we will look at printing works. Out this season or the ones that are already out This WILL NOT influence the books that are arriving.

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However, we will be changing our distribution stations starting now and slowly move our game titles to the new channels. We shall be working on more campaigns to get our books in front of readers. We’ve new outlets, we will work on because of this to spread our reach. We shall work on doing more genre-related promos, as well.

Our royalty statements structure will change to make it more updated and correct the current issues we’ve run into this season. Yes, we’ve seen the nagging problems in support of want to fix them and KEEP them from taking place. Of the season and everything will be ready for the brand new Year This will be completed by the end.

We recognize that many will be unhappy with our decisions and may opt to leave the business. We completely understand why and will do what we should can to help the procedure or assist with whatever you may opt to do. We shall ask for 90 days to finalize everything and everything proper accounting to be done, if you opt to leave us. Of the entire year We are starting this technique now and intend to have it completed by the finish.

This means things will be postponed, but we will work very difficult on everything so it doesn’t happen again. This doesn’t fix what has already been done, but it shall make things better. I began this ongoing company because I love working with authors and love the posting industry. Like a lot of you, I work outside of Fiery Seas too, but I pull more hours on than you understand, even if you don’t always see my actions.