Beauty And The Beast: Behind The Scenes Video Of CGI, Dan Stevens 1

Beauty And The Beast: Behind The Scenes Video Of CGI, Dan Stevens

That is the magic of Emma Watson’s Belle and Dan Stevens’ Beast in Beauty and the Beast like you’ve never seen it before. Fans already knew that the 34-year-outdated actor remodeled into the Beast for the wondrous live-motion remake of the animated traditional with some help from motion-capture know-how and CGI. But nobody really knew exactly how the movie brought the Beast to life — until now. Recently surfaced footage shows Stevens because the Beast in his bulky motion-capture swimsuit and some very tough shoes escorting Belle down the castle’s golden staircase.

The Downton Abbey actor wore a 40-lb. Gray Lycra “muscle suit” lined in marker dots and stilts for filming, in keeping with People. It seems like Watson, whole professional that she is, had no trouble compensating for the lack of fur. The web is treasuring the silliness of it as followers usually do with these inside appears. Perhaps the traditional film’s enduring theme music said it finest.

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