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I’ve never liked people who criticize someone without offering their own ideas for a remedy. It’s counterproductive and, on some level, cowardly. Last week I said believe Planet Fitness’ low-priced account strategy could cause long-term harm to the industry. Whether I trust it or not, it is a valid attempt by an effective business to discover a solution for a problem every golf club is facing: getting ultimately more customers within an economic problems. And, in the heart of my declaration above, I would be remiss if I didn’t offer another possible solution for clubs looking to lower prices without devaluing their services.

Forget the “Pay as You Go” regular membership model. What “Pay as you DON’T Go” about? Clubs want to build loyalty, right? You want your clients to construct fitness into their routines, value the assistance they obtain at the golf club, want to invest time there. Why not encourage them for doing exactly that?

5 off their dues. 10. Three times per week, and that week is free. Your members are saving cash by training at the club. Even though these sensible associates are in your membership, sell, sell, sell. Sell fitness classes, sell smoothies, sell weight gloves, sell private Pilates lessons. Sell the heck out of everything you’ve got without having to be too intense or annoying.

If you utilize this model, you’re going for a risk certainly. What if members do precisely what you want them to and come to the club like clockwork? 5 per visit is in addition. What if users stop by on their way to the grocery store, swipe their cards at the front end table and count number it as a workout? Perhaps you could require members to swipe in and swipe out, with a minimum visit length of 20 minutes. Problems shall pop up, but so will solutions. Now’s your chance to tell me why you think this idea won’t work – or why it’ll.

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The feedback is open. Whether it is liked by you or hate it, I promise this is my very own idea. I considered it within my dining room table while nursing an epic Easter mind cold. However, if another club has already thought of a similar idea, please let us know in the remarks section.

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