A Model's Diary: October 2019 1

A Model’s Diary: October 2019

The term “new encounters” is one that is constantly popping up on modeling agency websites. Without all agency sites have them, a good bulk do. As the name suggests, new faces means male and female models who have just been found out by that particular agency. Generally, a model listed under an agency’s new faces division has little to no experience.

In some situations it could include a model with preceding experience but overall it is more carefully associated with a newbie. Each company handles their new faces division in its way so are there no hard and fast rules as to what I can tell you that covers every modeling agency out there. If you are a potential model who increases interest from an agency, they could start you off in their new encounters division. In the office you’ll have Polaroids taken of you, that your agency will post up on their website.

Even though those photos are not professionally taken, they will be short-term until you have managed to get a test shoot done to start your portfolio. You get that done Once, your agent will revise your profile with the latest pictures online. Many times a company shall keep both the Polaroids and the professional images, since some clients want to see what a model appears like without all the hair, makeup and Photoshop. Sometimes a newly signed model it’s still categorized under new faces even after he/she has done a portfolio shoot.

This decision is entirely up to the agency. Agencies tend to do testing periods for new models for them to see how marketable they may be prior to making a contractual commitment. It also allows the company to determine what their working romantic relationship with the model will be. Obviously, this arrangement–while up in the air and nerve wracking for some models–is a simple way for them to find out if the model would work for the agency as an officially signed model.

If they eventually have an issue or if the model shows symptoms that he/she is not a good fit or match, then your company can simply allow model know they may be no longer interested. As the model had been “tested” the agency doesn’t have to worry about terminating contracts or taking down photos from the web site. Becoming a area of the new faces division doesn’t always mean you are a signed model and may not come with a contract. Think of it as a probation period: this is a period of time where you have no recognized ties with the company so you are not yet a represented model.

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This is not a bad thing–to even certainly be a new face is an enormous step over your competition. If you are chosen to be a part of the agency’s new faces division, that’s great nevertheless, you are also free to continue looking for another modeling agency. If you find yourself in this situation, inform the agency you are tests with at the earliest opportunity. Be professional and keep your conversation to the real point.

Simply tell them which you have found representation with another agency (you don’t need to say what agency) and cannot continue using their testing/new encounters process. It really is a common part of the business so don’t get worried about hurting anyone’s feelings. Agencies choose if you let them know ahead of time so do it as a courtesy.

The situations and agreements I’ve described in this article are not overall. I wanted to protect a few of the most basic new faces topics so I’m well aware that there could be some information I’ve either overlooked or aren’t alert to. This is just general knowledge I experienced would be beneficial to those aspiring models out there that are to their agency search and could end up in this situation. Ultimately, every questions or concerns should be aimed to the modeling company in particualr that you will be dealing with. They will be more than pleased to answer your questions, especially if they have expressed an interest in working with you.

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