'Stranger Things' Makeup Artist On Creating Karen Walker Pool Look 1

‘Stranger Things’ Makeup Artist On Creating Karen Walker Pool Look

For those who already binged most (okay, all) of Stranger Things season 3 now’s enough time to really get your fix with some fun behind-the-scenes Intel. And here at Stylish, you want to know all about the characters vintage ’80s fashions. Turns out we weren’t the only ones who noticed. Vulture talked to the show’s makeup designer, Amy Forsythe, about this memorable look and exactly how it was made by her. ‘t want the women to impede onto it,” she told the publication.

So after looking into TV Guides, aesthetic ads, movie magazine, and posters clippings from the 1980s, this look was created by her that popped. But how exactly did she do it? With a complete great deal of the waterproof products. “It’s good that she barely goes under so we wished to see what would organically happen so far as how the makeup stays,” the makeup guru said.

This supposed using MAC eyeshadow palettes that stayed put, plenty of environment sprays, primers, and waterproof mascara. “We definitely had waterproof mascara, because I didn’t want her looking messy. If the attention shadow transpired a notch from heading under I had been okay with this since we’re able to always put more on between uses.

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