22 Things You Need To Know About Energy Distribution Post PDS Suspension

Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the PDS concession suspension system and ECG dominate. 1. What is the Millennium Challenge Compact II? That is an agreement between government authorities and the United States of America to support Ghana in areas that require revamping in our development agenda. The first Small centered on infrastructure development streets and transport sector to aid agriculture for export mainly.

For example, is the six-lane George W. Bush Highway in Accra (N) is something of Compact I. Predicated on Ghana’s successful implementation of Compact I Ghana experienced for Compact II. Ghana’s Power Distribution Sector (as per the agreed strategy by both Countries. 2. How will this PSP set up impact on Ghana’s development? The entire benefit is to accelerate the nationwide development through an improved power situation that will eventually lead to financial development and poverty eradication. An amount of money will be invested over the time in new and extra equipment to boost power supply and modernize electricity distribution.

This will significantly reduce outrages and stabilize power for businesses and households leading to a boost in efficiency and job creation for teenagers. 3.Why the need for a concessionaire? An integral condition under the Compact II is to expose an exclusive sector participant (Concessionaire) into the distribution sector who will manage, operate, and spend money on the distribution business of ECG. 4. Who will be the Managers of the Compact in Ghana?

5. Who is the key Transactional Advisors to MIDA? 6. That which was the selection process for Choosing PDS as the Concessionaire? It had been an international competitive bidding process carried out by the Millennium Development Authority (MIDA) in 2017? Bidders Conference, Selection, and Evaluation of a preferred bidder. 7. What role did the national authorities of Ghana play in the selection process? MIDA acted on behalf of the Government and folks of Ghana employed in collaboration with officials from the Ministries of Finance and Energy and other stakeholders. 8. Who gained the bet? Manila Electric Corporation (Meralco) of Philippines was announced as the most well-liked bidder after this International competitive sensitive.

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9. Who’s PDS? 10. What are responsibilities and roles of the PDS under the contract? PDS role was primarily to operate the distribution network of the assets (equipment and infrastructure) leased to them by ECG. This included the operation; management and investment in the distribution network, selling of collection and energy of sales revenue.

ECG remained the owner of the infrastructure. 11. What exactly are the details of the transaction agreement? The Lease and Assignment Agreement (LAA), Bulk Supply Agreement (BSA) and Government Support Agreement (GSA). Explain the respective agreements briefly. 12. What were the main element conditions for the contract to take the impact? PURC approving tariffs based on the rate-setting guidelines. PDS and ECG agreeing on monitoring schedules and protocols on the leased property.

Consent of Generation Companies (GENCOS) for the PDS to be appointed as ECG ‘s agent to manage the energy Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) that ECG has signed with those GENCOS. 13. Were these conditions fulfilled? 14. Were the Demand Guarantee Conditions met before the transfer time? ECG was equipped with a scanned copy via email of a Demand Guarantee different in structure and form from the one contemplated by the purchase contract. 15. Was this suitable to ECG?