Screw You Guys, I AM GOING Home 1

Screw You Guys, I AM GOING Home

What Do I Do Now? You’re called into a gathering with HR and your boss. You understand the axe is dropping. 1. Do air as you can long. If they are giving you the option to work for a few more months or weeks, do say yes. It’s way easier to get a job when you yourself have a job.

Take that time to distribute resumes and pound the pavement. Just make sure you still do your task while you’re there, and don’t start copying trade secrets or confidential information. Which will just get you into trouble. 2. Do enquire about getting the personal items. Many people leave their items behind. HR or Security may need to accompany you, but do get your stuff. They aren’t allowed to keep your items. Alternatively, whether it’s in your project’s computer, your business phone, a company notebook, or something else they own, it’s theirs.

They don’t have to let you printing or copy anything that’s in their property. If it’s important, keep it in your briefcase, your purse, or at home so that doesn’t happen. If you’ve, for instance, been keeping a log of every sexually harassing comment that was made, you may now lose it.

That’s why you never keep it on your project’s computer. 3. Do enquire about your insurance. That day Are they cutting off your insurance, the month at the end of, or later? When you have the next doctor’s visit or surgery, you should know in advance if you’ll be shown as covered. If coverage gets cut off, it will be reinstated retroactively once you elect COBRA and make your payment.

If you paid your share of insurance through the end of the month, remind them. They could lengthen your insurance at least through the time you’ve paid, or refund you the difference. 4. If no severance is offered, do ask about it. They could offer it if you ask. Don’t agree to or ask for any amount on the spot (you are not thinking straight, remember?) You might like to talk to us to see if you have potential statements against them before you decide on an amount.

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If they actually offer severance, ask them to put it in writing. Get legal advice before you consent to anything you hardly understand. 5. Do ask if the business has a severance plan or policy. You’d be surprised how many have written severance plans that do not require a release, yet they try to get you to sign one anyhow.

Or they make an effort to toss in a noncompete contract that’s not required. If you’re already entitled to severance without signing anything, then maybe you can discuss more in a trade for a release or noncompete contract. 6. Do ask when you’ll get your last check. Some expresses and counties have deadlines for employers to pay, some do not. Don’t assume you’ll be paid in the next pay period. Also, if you’re owed commissions, find out if they intend to pay them.