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If you don’t use ODI inside your company then I wouldn’t begin to promote using it just for the only purpose of loading planning unit hierarchies, one of the other methods I have already been through would suite you more. Today I will provide a simple example scenario to hopefully make it more interesting and take you through the steps of attaining it. Once the flat document has been placed in the designated location the process should automatically start, once completed a contact should be delivered to the business user attaching any errors from the planning unit hierarchy fill.

So lets go through the process in trying to complete the given job. I am will be using ODI11G but it is all attainable using ODI10G. First of all, you have to make sure a default planning hierarchy has been created in planning. You have created the hierarchy Once, in ODI you can invert engineer your planning software.

If you take a look at the reversed model you will notice a Datastore has been created with the same name as the planning unit hierarchy. The principal members are alias names. Understand that you can’t invert engineer flat data files through the model; you will need to create a new flat document Datastore and reverse it within the columns tabs. Now that the source and focuses on are in place we can move on to creating the user interface to load the planning unit hierarchy.

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As the mark technology is likely to be planning and it does not have any JDBC capabilities a staging area has to be selected. The planning unit Datastore was dragged on to the target. OBJECT desk is the core table in the planning application and contains the member names and alias names that we want in.

The joins between the Datastores were created by dragging the required columns in one data store to another. TYPE with a value of 10, this implies it’ll only return information that is related alias. The prospective Datastore columns were then mapped to the sources. Basically the flat file will join by alias to the look tables to return a member name that pertains to the alias. In the flow diagram “LKM File to SQL” was used to load the Planning unit hierarchy flat file to the Staging area. The “IKM SQL to Hyperion Planning” was using to fill from the Staging area to Planning.

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