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Inflation: Inflation hit a low end one year ago and has been trending gradually higher since. Housing: Residential construction activity is likely to slowly but gradually improve during the period of the year. Housing prices typically will probably post modest benefits as well, thanks to improving financial activity, rising incomes, low rates of interest relatively, and accommodative financial policy.

Prices could dip briefly consequently of increased foreclosures activity in the first fifty percent, but this should prove to be only a short-term setback. Interest levels: Interest levels on Treasury bills, the entire year notes and bonds should rise significantly during the period of, with 10-yr T-bond yields exceeding 4.5%. The impetus for higher rates is a stronger-than-expected overall economy, and higher-than-expected inflation. Higher rates will not threaten the recovery, however, since they will occur consequently of the recovery largely.

MBS spreads: Because the Fed programs to cease its buys of MBS by March this may force MBS spreads wider over the next few months. Regardless, MBS spreads are likely to broaden over the course of the calendar year. The primary impetus for wider MBS spreads next year will probably come from an across-the-board upsurge in the extension risk of MBS as Treasury yields rise.

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Credit spreads: Credit spreads will probably decline gradually over the course of the year. Easy money and a strengthening economy add up to a perfect environment for a pass on tightening. Easy money leading to raised inflation and improved cash moves is a boon to borrowers, the most indebted ones especially, and that means lenders will be rewarded by lower than expected default rates. High-yield bonds and emerging market debt ought to be the biggest beneficiaries of tighter spreads.

Equities: Equity prices will probably experience a few dips along the way, but they should be at least 10-20% higher by the finish of the year. The starting point of Fed tensing may provoke a short-term selloff, however in the end of a Fed tightening up is just what the overall economy and the markets really need to build confidence in the money and in the foreseeable future of the overall economy. The main impetus to higher equity prices will be an enhancing economy and enhancing corporate profits. Commodities: Commodity prices will work their way higher over the course of the entire year, buoyed by an ongoing improvement in global growth conditions and accommodative monetary policy.

Gold: Gold prices are likely to spike one more time to a fresh high this year ahead. Gold speculators will be urged to see that the Fed is “at the rear of the curve” and hesitant to tighten up boldly and aggressively. However, yellow metal is an extremely speculative investment at these levels and not for the faint of heart. Over time, gold’s downside potential now greatly surpasses its upside potential.

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