Thousands Of Problems Pouring In Over IMA Jewels Case Still 1

Thousands Of Problems Pouring In Over IMA Jewels Case Still

There are more and more people filing issues about their possibly lost investments in IMA Jewels – that the police station could not keep them. One buyer, an auto driver who works in Bengaluru was in tears as he spoke to NDTV. Another man who acquired proved helpful in the Gulf said he had spent 22 lakhs. He previously little hope of recovering the money.

The investments in this firm were considered halal – suitable for Muslim traders – as the company promised to share profits and deficits and didn’t have a set interest amount. Investors said that maulvis acquired explained it as halal – not promoting the strong but stating that investment in it was appropriate under Muslim custom.

Bengaluru has seen such scams before, plus some have been burnt twice. Ashiya Tasleem and her spouse Tasleem Ahmed are both in their sixties. That they had invested 2 lakh rupees in IMA Jewels. And they experienced previouslyspent the same amount in Ambident, another company that ended up being fraudulent. The state has formed a Special Investigative Team to locate Khan and find out what can be done to get the amount of money back.

The BJP wants it given to the CBI. Congress MLA, Roshan Baig, was stated in an audio recording reported to be in the voice of Mansoor Khan stating he was committing suicide. Mr Baig has refused his participation in the entire case. Catch all the Live TV action on NDTV 24×7 and NDTV India. Like us on Facebook or follow up on Instagram and Tweets for latest news and live information improvements.

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