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TMJ Partners 金融ニュースブログ

Many were from abroad, in truth 30% were international non-Japanese. They are my personal notes from 2 full days of speaker observations and follow up conversations during the event. I learned a lot, and much from it was unpredicted insights. Of all First, I had to pick and choose as there have been 3 live phases with speakers.

I really learned a lot, so it was worth my time. To set the scene, there was a real hype in the air. Including a true amount of inquisitive Bitcoin zillionaires in attendance. These were easy to spot by their fashion appearance. Poor people are crazy, but rich people are eccentric just.

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One 60 something man had a black cowboy hat with a pink scarf tied around it leaving some sort of an extended tail. Another beefy 50 something guy got a renaissance over furnished outfit for summer. It had been a white and navy 17th century French pattern that belongs on my grandmothers cushions. It was a t-shirt with complementing shorts AND shoes actually.

Anyways, enjoy my notes below. SBI President & CEO Yoshitaka Kitao, offered the opening speech. He previously a lot of graphics to show how far reaching the SBI Group plan on investing and making the most of Blockchain & crypto technology in future. They are using a huge war upper body of funds to create the future of Blockchain Technology. They clearly want to be the global leader in the 21st century.

That is a estimate. In his view, wider cryptocurrency adoption helps economies especially in the developing world. This may directly be tracked by fewer child deaths by higher incomes in more open economies. Today The unbanked, over 2 billion people, may be the biggest beneficiaries of Blockchain and any global crypto revolution. This was a similar theme repeated by others.

Galaxy Digital co-founder David J.Namdar, provided an interesting overview of what to expect. He is ex UBS & Millennium, in both Hong Kong & New York, and ran SolidX previously. He was trying to start a Crypto themed ETF last March 2017, similar to the Winklevoss Twins. US regulators shut that possible future down. As as future trends much, he mentioned that decentralized crypto exchanges appear to be the real way forward. Japan’s centralized exchanges may be 70-90% of Japanese yen trading today, but it could reduce to just 30% within 5 years.

That seems to mean that Binance yet others enjoy it have higher growth potential going forward. His new merchant bank or investment company is expanding now, and seems to have a bright future not trading just, but across various types of transactions. It really is a great new business model to put up your radar. Ikigai Asset Management founder Travis Kling, offered hedge account views that reflect his trader history of a decade of trading experience. Via 2 top global hedge money previously, Magnetar and Point72 (formerly SAC) he really understands how to expertly trade crypto. He has “fallen down the rabbit gap of crypto” and explained lots of new concepts.