What Psychiatrists Have To Say About Holiday Blues 1

What Psychiatrists Have To Say About Holiday Blues

Alas, there are also millions who have to deal with darker feelings as the world literally darkens around them. Why feel blue in debt and green season? Of year You will find multiple reasons to feel stressed or even downright overwhelmed during this time, in addition to the expectations set around us.

Memories of holidays past, either food or sad, of season can create a sense of reduction this time around. We may find ourselves missing people who are no longer with us, and carrying on the same traditions without them can be considered a strong reminder of their absence. The sense of burden or responsibility, both socially or financially, can be significant.

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We can get swept up in the industry aspects of gift giving, attempting to find that perfect item for relatives and buddies. Many set their sights on special gifts, and we often can feel stretched thin trying to find an equilibrium between making our loved ones happy and keeping our bank accounts from being in the black.

It’s also a period for gathering with those close to us, which can stir up many emotions, both bad and good. Some may find themselves away from or without close connections and finish up isolated, and withdrawn, further disconnected from others. People often feel disappointed when actuality does not meet targets. The larger the mismatch, the worse the negative feelings.

One of us (Arash) often discovers himself informing his patients: Childhood fairy stories can arrange an unrealistic bar in our minds about life. I wish we were told more real stories, taking the bad with the good, as we’d get hurt less when confronted with difficult realities of life, and understand how to understand our good fortunes especially. These days viewers are showered with Christmas and New Year’s Eve movies, which audio and feel just like fairy tales almost. People get married, get rich, fall in love, or reconnect with themselves. Even unhappy occasions within “A Christmas Carol” conclude with a happy finishing.

These all, besides contact with only happy moments and beautiful presents (thanks to Santa), dazzling Christmas decorations, and picturesque family scenes on social media, often set an unrealistic expectation for how this time of the year “should” feel. Reality is different, though, and at its best is not necessarily as colorful. There could be disagreements about how’s, where’s, what’s and who’s of the celebration, and not all family, relatives and friends get along well at parties.

And once we feel lonelier, we may find ourselves spending more time immersed in TV and sociable mass media, leading to more contact with unrealistic views of the holiday season and sense all the worse about our situation. When is blue with a red flag? Even though many go through the more transient “holiday blues” this time of year, it’s important not to miss more serious conditions like seasonal mood changes, which in its most unfortunate case leads to clinical unhappiness, including Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD includes episodes of melancholy or a worsening of existing depressive disorder during the past due fall and early winter.